Romanian Pentecostal Convention USA and Canada


The Romanian Pentecostal Churches’ Convention from the United States and Canada stands for:

  • To glorify God the Father, the Creator of the Universe
  • To proclaim the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world
  • To create a setting where the Holy Spirit can manifest itself in the life of the Church

The Romanian Pentecostal Churches’ Convention from the United States and Canada:

  • Promotes worship in all its biblical forms
  • Encourages fellowship
  • Motivates Christians to live a holy life
  • Mobilizes churches to engage in evangelizing the world
  • Calls and prepares the youth for the ministry
  • Ensures the preservation of Judeo-Christian family values
  • Maintains the Pentecostal identity and specificity of our faith
  • Maintains brotherly relationships with Pentecostals organizations throughout the world

Ethical and Moral Code

Code of conduct to serve during the Convention, the participants must:

  • Be a model of biblical standards of spiritual, ethical, moral, and professional conduct
  • Have a good moral character and to be a member of good standing in the church they represent
  • Comply with the Convention’s coordinators guidelines
  • Show an attitude of humility, reverence for the Lord as well as respect for all. A servant’s conduct must exemplify excellence in Christian character, personal activity, and faithful service to the Kingdom of God
  • Dress modestly in a manner that is in keeping with scriptural standards of conduct, acceptable in God’s sight (1 Cor 3:1)
  • To bring praise to the Lord Jesus, build the body of Christ and to contribute to the salvation of those who do not know Him

The pastors are expected to participate in the Pastoral conferences, and to encourage the body of Christ. Details will be communicated by the organizing church.

Local churches from the surrounding area are invited to suspend their church activities and are asked to participate in the convention, therefore, supporting the organizing church.